Prayers for our World

We pray for insect biodiversity, as climate change and intensive agriculture have halved the number of insects in some parts of the world. Insects have important roles in ecosystems, such as pollination and pest control. God, help us to treasure all life. We pray that we would find solutions to rebalance our damaged ecosystems.

We give thanks for the announcement of a new natural history GCSE, which will teach about the Earth, climate change and conservation. God, we thank you for this step towards greater environmental education. We pray that those who study it will be equipped to work for the good of the planet.

We give thanks for developers choosing to retrofit buildings for new use, rather than knock them down and start again. This reduces the environmental impact of construction. God, we thank you for efforts in all sectors to reduce carbon emissions. Help us all to find creative solutions in aiming for net zero.

We pray for India and Pakistan amid an extreme heatwave. Parts of both countries may see temperatures of 50C this week. God, we pray for those who are suffering in the heat. May temperatures drop quickly to protect people and nature from harm.

We pray that Parliament would be a welcome place for all, regardless of gender. Recent days have shone a spotlight on sexist culture in Westminster. God, we grieve that female politicians face sexism and hostility whilst doing their jobs. We pray for change, so that no one would be made to feel that their gender is a barrier to holding public office.

We pray that climate change would not cause mass transmission of viruses from animals to humans. Research suggests that a warming climate will drive many species into human-populated areas, leading to the transmission of disease. God, help us to prevent global warming for the sake of humans and animals alike.

We pray for the local elections happening across much of the UK today. We pray that voters would be encouraged to participate in an important part of the democratic process. We also pray that all councillors who are successful would seek the good of their area and work for justice.


Joan Smith

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