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We are linked with St John’s, Mtendere, United Church of Zambia (UCZ), a congregation in Lusaka.

Click here for prayer requests from St John’s.

Our relationship focuses on:

  • PEOPLE: meeting, visiting, texting, e-mailing and/or writing to each other
  • PRAYER: praying for each other, exchanging prayer calendar and prayer requests
  • PERCEPTIONS: seeking to learn about, experience and understand our various patterns of worship, Christian living and evangelism.

Our congregational link is part of the larger link between the Lusaka Presbytery of the UCZ, the Wessex Synod of the URC and the Southampton District of the Methodist Church.  We share the link with St John’s with Salisbury Methodist and Bemerton Methodist churches.

In 2020 we hosted Mrs Albertina Mbawa.  In 2019 we hosted Revd Godfrey Gama for two weeks in Salisbury.  Also, our ministers, Ana & Tod Gobledale, travelled to Zambia in August-September on a partnership link grant and preached at St John’s UCZ.

Did you know?

‘Mtendere’, formerly known as Chainama Hills, is a township of Lusaka, Zambia, founded in 1967. The name means “Peace”in Bembe, one of the languages of Zambia.

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Learn more about the United Church of Zambia here.


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