Children and youth are active at Salisbury United Reformed Church. It feels special to be full participants in our Church Family!

While we are worshipping on Zoom, families receive an activity sheet during the week.  During the service the children share what they have been doing and learning.  If you would like to receive the activity sheet, please contact us.

When we worship in our Church building, we gather with our families for worship, and enjoy a Children’s Message up in the front, something special just for us, before heading downstairs for Junior Church activities with our teachers (all DBS approved).

During the service we sing and pray. Sometimes we children and youth are asked to read from the Bible. Sometimes we are actors in dramas. Often we make decorations to beautify our church sanctuary.

On Communion Sundays we start in the Church Hall with activities, and then join the rest of the congregation for communion. We are all welcome to have bread and juice, no matter how young or old we are, as long as it is okay with our parents.

Keep reading for information about our regular activities, and notices about special events for children and families…