Prayers for Zambia

We lift our prayers for St John’s United Church of Zambia in Mtendere, our partner and link church.  Three Salisbury churches share in this prayer circle: Salisbury Methodist, Bemerton Methodist and Salisbury United Reformed Church.

For more information about our global partnership link click here.

Current prayer requests

On-going prayer points

  • for the Girls and Boys Brigades members sharing in a life of commitment and service.
  • for the several choirs at St John’s, giving thanks for their skill and commitment.
  • for the Youth Drama Group.
  • for Revd Godfrey Gama and the ministry team
  • for the five burial assistants at St John’s in their essential ministry officiating at Christian burials.

Prayer Group at St John’s – praying for Salisbury churches

At St John’s in Mtendere,  the Intercessory Prayer Group meets early each weekday morning.  This is the group that regularly prays for our church and our partnership members.  Prayer requests on behalf of our church, Bemerton Methodist and Salisbury Methodist Church (the three members of the Zambia link partnership) are sent weekly to St John’s through Cecil King.  Please let Cecil know of any specific prayer requests you would like sent.

Salisbury United Reformed Church