Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for people fleeing conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Especially those who are fleeing conflict between forces in the area and are caught up in fighting, while humanitarian organisations have not been able to easily access the region. We pray for those forced to leave their homes and for the safety of all in the region

We give thanks for unlikely friendships forged during the pandemic. for opportunities for community amid the pandemic and the new friendships which can be forged online.

We give thanks for scientific discovery. Scientists think that they have discovered a new species of beaked whale off the coast of Mexico, which are rarely seen because they spend their lives in deep waters. We thank you for a varied and remarkable creation filled with even more life than we realise.

We pray for Nagorno-Karabakh. Violence has erupted in the region and there are reports of some Syrian mercenaries being unexpectedly thrown into dangerous front-line battle. We pray for people caught up in fighting and those who are injured or who have lost loved ones, and for a constructive ceasefire.

We pray for worldwide vaccination programs. A coalition of charities has warned that rich countries are hoarding more doses of vaccinations than they need, leaving lower-income countries struggling to vaccinate enough people. We pray for just vaccine distribution which will allow effective vaccine programs globally, not just for the richest countries.

We pray for Andhra Pradesh in India. Cases of a mystery illness started arising last week, with one dead and more than two hundred hospitalised, with symptoms including nausea and convulsions – possibly caused by metal poisoning. We pray for understanding of these new symptoms and relief for those who are suffering .

We pray for female prisoners around the world. The number of women behind bars has risen dramatically in the last ten years despite regulations aimed at reducing the prison population and several human rights violations. We pray for those women who are imprisoned, and we pray that non-custodial alternatives will be promoted.

Joan Smith