Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for Myanmar. Myanmar is considering ‘next steps’ over a military coup which saw democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi deposed and detained. We pray for those caught up in violence, and pray for peace and for those politicians facing imprisonment.

We give thanks for access to coronavirus vaccines. Earlier this week a Government minister confirmed that there will be an amnesty on vaccinations for illegal immigrants, telling LBC that Covid-19 “isn’t interested in your immigration status.” We give thanks for open access to vaccinations and pray that all people feel safe accessing vaccines.

We give thanks for human diversity. churches are invited to reflect, remember, and act to pursue racial justice. We give thanks for racial diversity within the church and pray that this will be an opportunity to reflect and act on making churches more diverse

We pray for schools worldwide. A project by Oxford University reveals the devastating impact of the pandemic on prospects for the world’s poorest students, especially girls. We pray for educators globally, and for an international effort to close the attainment gap and provide opportunities.

We pray for those affected by a glacier collapse in India. A portion of a glacier broke off causing a wall of water and debris to hit two hydroelectric projects in Northern India. We pray for the families of those who have lost their lives, been injured, or are still missing.

We pray for areas relying on tourism for prosperity. Last week the Health Secretary cast doubt on the holiday season, a blow for towns and villages relying on tourism for their local economy. We pray for business and workers struggling to stay afloat in the pandemic and for proper financial support for tourism.

We pray for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Two people have died from Ebola in the same province in the DRC in just one week, raising fears of a new major outbreak. We pray for those affected and their families, and that any new outbreak can be quashed by robust measures.

Joan Smith

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