Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for small businesses. According to new research, more than 900,000 small business are at risk of going under. We pray for those who are in a precarious financial situation due to lost business during lockdown, and pray for adequate and ongoing financial support to ensure security for small business owners and workers.

We give thanks for NHS workers administering vaccines. This week the UK hit the milestone of more than 10 million first doses of coronavirus vaccine administered to vulnerable groups. We give thanks for the scientists who have developed the vaccine, and for the NHS staff working hard to deliver the programme.

We give thanks for the ‘genocide amendment’. This addition to the Trade Bill was approved by the Lords this week, and if added to the bill would give UK high courts the power to decide if a potential trading partner is committing genocide. We give thanks for law-makers pushing for action on genocide, and pray that this amendment would help bring an end to human rights abuse.

We pray for sustainable energy. The UK Government have decided to press ahead with plans for a new coal mine in Cumbria ahead of hosting the UN COP26 climate summit later in the year. We pray that energy solutions would be sustainable and that climate summits would be effective ways of pursuing climate justice.

We pray for Northern Ireland. Confusion and disagreement about the transportation of vaccines over the border last week raised concerns. We pray for peaceful and diplomatic discussions around questions about borders and future trading arrangements.

We pray for protesters in Russia. After opposition politician Alexei Navalny was arrested last week, widespread pro-democracy protest has broken out nationally, with many peaceful protesters arrested. We pray for the preservation of the right to protest globally.

We pray for Universal Credit claimants. Last week a report released by the Trussell Trust showed that one in five claimants fear they will be forced to turn to food banks if the Government scraps the £20/week uplift to the benefit. We pray for stability of income for people relying on Universal Credit, and for food banks already under pressure in the pandemic.

Joan Smith

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