Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for a just solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol crisis. The issue has brought the UK government into conflict with the EU and threatens the balance of power and peace in Northern Ireland. God, we uphold the importance of peace. We pray that all parties can find a satisfactory solution to the problem.

We give thanks for the grounding of the flight due to take seven asylum seekers to Rwanda on Tuesday. The flight was cancelled after legal challenges removed all passengers from the plane. God, we give thanks for the work of lawyers and campaign groups to protect these asylum seekers. We pray that future attempts at deportation would also be stopped.

We give thanks that public support for refugees has risen. 78% of people in 28 countries believe those escaping conflict or persecution should be able to take refuge in another country, up from 70% in 2021. God, we are encouraged to see openness to refugees increasing. We pray that this would be matched by compassionate policies.

As #RefugeeWeek begins,                                                                                                                                          We pray for all refugees and those who have been displaced. God, we hold before you all those who are found longing for a place to call home. We pray for peace in the homeland of refugees fleeing conflict, and that all involved might find boldness and humility to build societies where all feel safe. Christ, bring peace, healing, and a sense of belonging for all.

                                                                                                                                                                                 We pray for Somalia, where more than a third of its population are in need of food aid to survive. Global warming, spiralling food prices and war have combined to devastating effect. God, we pray for Somalia and all places that are suffering from converging crises. We long for a world where all have enough and life can flourish.


We pray for areas of north-eastern India and Bangladesh hit by catastrophic flooding this week. Dozens of people have died and millions of homes are underwater. God, we pray safety for those endangered and comfort for those whose lives have been turned upside down. Help all involved in relief and rebuilding.

                                                                                                                                                                                   We pray for those locked out of jobs because of childhood offences appearing in criminal records checks. Offences were disclosed in more than 11,000 checks last year, over a third of which happened more than 40 years ago. God, we pray that our justice system would uphold both principles of protection of the vulnerable and rehabilitation of offenders. We lament that so many have been denied the chance of a clean slate.

Joan Smith

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