Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for animals losing their habitats due to climate change. We pray for all of God’s creatures and creation, and that robust measures would be put in place to slow the effects of climate disaster.

We give thanks for international commitments on climate change. As President Biden returned the USA to the Paris Agreement earlier this week, his administration have taken steps towards tackling the climate crisis. We give thanks for ambitious climate targets, and pray that countries will take active steps towards meeting them.

We give thanks for those raising awareness of leprosy around the world. It’s World Leprosy Day, when advocates challenge myths and spread awareness about leprosy, which is totally curable, globally. We give thanks for those fighting this illness, and pray for anyone suffering with leprosy today.

We pray for those affected by flooding last week. As Storm Christoph swept across England and Wales, many people were evacuated from their homes in Manchester, North Wales and Merseyside. We pray that those facing the dual challenge of floods and coronavirus may be safe and supported.

We pray for Mozambique. A cholera outbreak combined with a growing humanitarian crisis after fighting in a northern province displaced more than 500,000 people last year has led to the UN calling for help in the region. We pray for those who have been displaced and those who are unwell, and for adequate support for the northern region.

We pray for Uighur Muslims in China. We pray for all facing persecution on today, Holocaust Memorial Day. We pray especially for freedom and comfort for those currently interned because of their religion or ethnicity.

We pray for those whose livelihoods have been affected by Brexit. Meat exporters have said that the bureaucracy involved in exporting post-Brexit is causing food waste and income loss. We pray for anyone relying on exports for their wages, and that solutions to food waste will be reached.



Joan Smith

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