Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for teachers and students. As the new term starts, schools have faced a lack of clarity over reopening which has made it more difficult to plan appropriate education for students and has left teachers and support staff without clear guidance. We pray that every child will be educated properly and safely, and that school staff will receive safe and clear guidance.

We pray for the USA. As pro-Trump supporters attempted to stage a violent coup at the Capitol, several people were killed or injured. We pray for stable democracy and an end to divisions in the USA as a new president is inaugurated this month.

We give thanks for Net Zero targets set by nations. A new study shows that, should they be met, global temperatures could stabilise within a couple of decades. We give thanks for ambitious target-setting, and pray that commitments will be honoured, and for those already feeling the effects of climate change.

We give thanks for care home workers. Care homes are still being devastated by coronavirus, and staff are working hard to make conditions safe and comfortable for residents. We give thanks for the dedication of those working in difficult conditions, and pray that vaccination efforts will be swift and effective for residents and workers.

We pray for workers in the hospitality industry. New data shows that restaurants and casual dining firms recorded almost 30,000 job losses in 2020, a 163% jump in redundancies. We pray for those struggling to make ends meet and a comprehensive financial plan from the Government to aid recovery.

We pray for hospital workers and doctors. As tens of thousands of doctors and nurses are off sick with coronavirus, the NHS is trying to cope with record numbers of patients, with especial strain in the south-east. We pray for those recovering from the virus, and for hospital staff who are under great strain.

We pray for Niger. At least 100 people are now known to have been killed in attacks by suspected jihadists on two villages. We pray for peace in the country, and safety & security for those caught in the middle of violence.



Joan Smith

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