Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for the UK’s response to economic changes brought about by the combined effects of COVID-19 and leaving the European Union. The Office for National Statistics reports that 41% of businesses across all industries with over 10 employees are struggling with labour shortages. God, we pray for the emergence of a just economy that enables the flourishing of all life.

We pray for youth services in England and Wales. The National Youth Agency have called for the recruitment of 50,000 additional youth workers and volunteers to meet a tripling in levels of need during the pandemic, amidst the ‘decimation’ of the youth sector. God, we pray that every young person would receive the love, support and guidance that they need.

We give thanks for the Great Big Green Week, which ends tomorrow. Thousands of people across Britain have taken part in community-led events to shine a spotlight on the environmental crisis ahead of COP26. God, we thank you for the gift of creation. We pray that these events would lead to greater action to care for your world.

We give thanks for the leadership of children on environmental issues. A school for children with sensory needs has led the way in establishing a ‘green curriculum’ that will be used across schools in Merseyside, as well as committing to net-zero by 2030. God, we thank you for the wisdom, passion, and leadership of children

We pray for the ongoing energy crisis. Ministers are preparing for a worst-case scenario of persistently high gas costs, leading to higher bills for households and possible food shortages. God, we pray that the crisis would be resolved, and that no one would have to struggle to heat their home.

We pray for COP26. Last week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that the summit would be a “turning point for humanity”, with urgent action needed to fight the climate crisis. God, we pray that COP26 would be successful in setting the path towards a planet where our environment is renewed and all life can flourish.

We pray for Myanmar. The UN special rapporteur for the country has reported that the military junta is systematically abducting the relatives of people it is seeking to arrest, including children as young as 20 weeks old, among other human rights abuses. God of peace, we pray for your protection over the people of Myanm


Joan Smith

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