Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for the effects of climate change in Africa. Across the continent, extreme weather change has been deadly. God, we pray that communities will have the resources they need to build resilience, and for urgent action to tackle increased global temperature rise.

We pray for those on furlough. As the scheme ends, over 1.6 million people are still on some kind of furlough payment and are at risk of unemployment. God, we pray that people will not lose their essential sources of income, and employers will be able to keep people on.

We give thanks for teachers who have gone the extra mile to provide for students during lockdowns. A teacher in India has been highlighted as one of many who are coming up with creative solutions to keep children learning. God, we thank you for the hard work and passion of teachers around the world, and pray that all of your children would have access to education.

We give thanks for positive democratic developments in Europe.  Popular protests, mutual aid initiatives, anti-corruption campaigns, citizens’ assemblies and the formation of new political parties are all examples of the flourishing of grassroots democracy. God, we thank you for signs of democratic revival across Europe, and pray that people everywhere would be empowered to participate in politics.

We pray for those living in dilapidated housing. Official figures show at least 4.1 million homes in England are substandard, but this is likely to be an underestimate. God, we pray that everyone would have access to a safe and warm home, and for support for those suffering because their living conditions are unsuitable.

We pray for doctors and hospitals in Afghanistan, continuing to treat patients despite threats from the Taliban and no pay. Medicines are gradually running out as foreign money and supplies to the country have been frozen. God, we pray for the people of Afghanistan and those who are working tirelessly to protect them. We declare your light and life over darkness and death.

We pray for asylum seekers housed in temporary accommodation during the pandemic. A team at Edinburgh Napier University have released a report detailing the unsafe conditions many are living in, with physical and mental health a real concern. God, we pray for these precious children of yours, that they would be given the respect and dignity of a safe place to stay while their claims are processed.


Joan Smith

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