Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for the NHS. NHS providers have said that severe cuts may have to take place unless more funding is provided. God, we pray for better funding, for patients facing a delay in treatment, and for strength for all those working in the NHS.

We pray for global action to prevent biodiversity loss. Nearly one in three of the world’s tree species are at risk of extinction due to climate change, according to a new report. God we pray for rapid global action to halt the effects of climate change

We give thanks for collaborative working to tackle the climate crisis. This week, the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury and Ecumenical Patriarch spoke out together on the need to take action for the climate. God, we thank you for collective commitment to climate justice

We give thanks for work to encouraging flourishing biodiversity. Specialist scientists in Saudi Arabia are working to encourage thriving sea turtle habitats. God, we thank you for the creativity of your creation, and those working to help it thrive.

We pray for those working in the social care sector. Debates over funding have highlighted the deep need for reform, to enable a quality of care which promotes dignity. God, we pray that we might remember every person’s inherent value and dignity as we seek reforms.

We pray for journalists continuing to cover events in Afghanistan. Journalists have reported brutal treatment as they have tried to report on protests and uprisings in the country. God, we pray for the safety of those seeking to report on events in Afghanistan.

We pray for small businesses affected by supply chain issues. Many are reporting challenges in keeping customers as they haven’t been able to secure supplies. God, we pray for the needs of those dependent on small businesses for their income, and for issues to be solved quickly.

Joan Smith

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