Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for people struggling with gambling addiction. The pandemic has led to the sharpest ever rise in women seeking help for gambling addictions, new figures show. God, we pray for people who are struggling with gambling addiction, that they might be successful in seeking the support they need.

We pray for protestors in Afghanistan. Last week, a protest was violently dispersed by the Taliban, leading to the death of one person. God, we pray for the right of all people to peacefully protest, and for safety and just peace in Afghanistan.

We give thanks for creation. Season of Creation is starting next week, with Christians coming together to celebrate and safeguard God’s world. God, we give thanks for the beauty and wonder of creation and for the actions which are being taken to protect it.

We give thanks for vaccine technology. This week, British scientists announced that a new malaria vaccine has produced striking trial results and could save millions of young lives in Africa. God, we give thanks for the healing and health brought by vaccines and for the determination and skill of those who develop them.

We pray for people in Afghanistan. With many trying to flee from the country, thousands are still stuck and waiting to be evacuated. God, we pray comfort and safety for the people of Afghanistan: those waiting to leave, those who remain in the country, and those who have fled.

We pray for those affected by shortages in health supply chains. Last week, the NHS warned that it was facing shortages of equipment needed for blood tests, as the pandemic has led to increased demand. God, we pray that people awaiting medical treatment and tests might be treated as swiftly as possibly.

We pray for refugees in Lampedusa. The small island off the coast of Italy has been the temporary home of thousands of refugees and migrants and many have died on the deadly crossing from Tunisia. God, we pray for compassionate support and safe routes for people seeking security in Europe.

Joan Smith

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