Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for the UK’s new financial commitments in 2021. The recent Spending Review included the aid budget being slashed to just 0.5% of GNI and didn’t commit to a permanent £20 uplift in Universal Credit. We pray for budgetary commitments which prioritise creating a fairer society and a more just world.

We pray for democratic processes in 2021. In the UK, local elections will be held in May, and many countries around the world will be preparing for their own elections. We pray for free, fair, and considered democratic processes all around the globe.

We pray for the effects of Brexit. It is difficult to know what the long and short-term impacts of the UK leaving the EU will be, but they may cause significant economic hardship for many. We pray that division in the UK might be healed, and for those who will be hit hardest by any economic impacts

We pray for racial justice in 2021. Last year the Black Lives Matter movement became an active voice in the vital quest for racial justice worldwide. We pray for increasing action and racial justice policy this year, and a more equal and just society

We pray for detainees in Syrian prisons. A new report reveals the vast scale of extortion in the detention system, with some families paying as much as £2 million to visit their family member or win their release. We pray for a just detention systems in Syria and for an end to extortion and corruption in the justice system.

we pray for disarmament and non-proliferation treaties. As Iran have accelerated their nuclear program and with the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons about to come into force, we pray for constructive relationships between nations which will lead to a more peaceful world.


Joan Smith

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