Daily Prayers for our World

God of peace and justice,

With sorrow and lament, we hold the situation in Ukraine before you, a year on from the Russian invasion.     We long for an end to the conflict and the bloodshed and suffering. We remember people in Ukraine living in fear of death and destruction. We pray for all who grieve lost lives and opportunities.                                          May those who have been displaced find safety and welcome in their new communities.                                      We pray that those with authority and influence will work for a just peace which provides security for all.             As we hold in our prayers all affected by the war, we pray that they may know that they are held in your loving arms.        In Jesus’ name we pray,    Amen

We give thanks that NatWest has announced that they will end new business loans for oil and gas extraction. God, we thank you that some banks are moving their investments away from environmentally damaging investments, and pray that more will follow.

On the first day of Fair Trade Fortnight, wWe pray for all farmers and communities who are dealing with the pressures of climate change and unfair trade. God, help us to make better buying choices which help to support our neighbours around the world.

We pray for the more than 60,000 refugees who have fled Somaliland to Ethiopia, after escalations of fighting in the Sool region. God, we pray for those who have been forced to leave homes and loved ones due to the conflict in Somaliland. Please protect them as they find safety.

We pray for the workforce crisis in the NHS, with record numbers of doctors leaving the service. God, we pray for all medical staff working in very difficult circumstances for the NHS, and for the protection of patients during this crisis.

We pray for greater education equality. Some UK schools have failed to meet inclusion targets for children from lower income families. God, we pray that all children would have access to good education, wherever they are.

Joan Smith

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