Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for women in Nepal. Health workers in the country fear a huge rise in maternal deaths as 90% of women have missed check-ups and many opt for home births amid fears of Covid-19. God, we pray for safety and security for women facing increased levels of maternal mortality.

We pray for climate justice. With just 100 days to go until the UN climate summit COP26 in Glasgow, climate disasters and forced migration have been increasing year-on-year. God, we pray for ambition and practical action to safeguard and renew your creation

We give thanks for teachers and other school staff. As Covid cases and isolations forced many schools to close early, school staff have had to be flexible and resilient in the face of a difficult year. God, we give thanks for the resilience and determination of teachers and school staff as they seek to enable students to learn.

We give thanks for people organising against sexual violence. One example is in Colombia, where a network of women is working to help others recover from sexual violence and domestic abuse. God, we give thinks for the resilience of campaigners seeking justice and tackling violence.

We pray for people affected by flooding in China. Last week over 200,000 were displaced in Henan province, China, after a record-breaking rainstorm led to damage to dams, collapsed roads, power cuts, and several deaths. God, we pray for safety for those affected by flooding in China and in Europe, and for robust measures to tackle increasing extreme weather globally.

We pray for people facing food poverty. A study released last week shows that the rate of hunger is significantly higher in certain areas of the country, with 30% of people in one area struggling to access food. God, we pray for people struggling to maintain an adequate standard of living, and for a world where nobody goes hungry.

We pray for India. More than 4300 people have died from mucormycosis, a rare infection which mainly affects Covid-19 patients a couple of weeks after recovery. God, we pray for comfort for people who are suffering or mourning, and for innovation and advancement in treatment

Joan Smith

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