Daily Prayers for our world

We pray for countries struggling with extreme heat. Last week, Lapland recorded its hottest temperature for more than a century, just as the Pacific Northwest emerges from a deadly heatwave. God, we pray for your creation, and that we might be successful and ambitious in limiting global warming.

We pray for people struggling with substance abuse. A report has recently found that the drug treatment system in England is ‘not fit for purpose’ and in urgent need of repair, with the pandemic widening existing inequalities. God, we pray for healing, comfort, and proper support for those struggling with addiction in our communities

We give thanks for young activists fighting injustice around the world. One example is an Indian girls’ movement fighting child marriage during the pandemic to increase the prospects of young women and girls. God, we give thanks for the energy and impact of youth activism, as young people seek justice globally.

We give thanks for people promoting racial justice. After racial abuse was directed at England footballers last week, the vital importance of the work of racial justice campaigners combatting hatred has been reinforced again. God, we give thanks for the work of campaigners, and for the talent and benefit which diversity brings to our society.

We pray for asylum seekers. Today, the Nationality and Borders Bill has its second reading in Parliament. If passed, it will make it much harder for people fleeing conflict or persecution to seek sanctuary in the UK. God, we pray for an asylum system which welcomes the stranger and shows compassion to those fleeing conflict and persecution

We pray for South Africa. Violent protests have broken out in the country after the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma, leading to more than 70 deaths. God, we pray for just peace on the streets of South Africa, for comfort for those who are mourning or injured and for help for those who are vulnerable

We pray for those affected by cuts to the UK’s international development budget. Last week, the budget cut was passed in Parliament, potentially for many years, leaving many global development programmes in danger of reduced funding. God, we pray for those whose quality of life will be worse because of this cut, and for compassion in our global relationships.


Joan Smith

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