Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for women who have experienced pain as part of medical treatment. Last week, stories were shared in the media and online about women’s experience with excruciating pain when having IUDs fitted. God, we pray for those facing pain as part of routine medical procedures, and for greater understanding of women’s medical experiences.

We pray for Libya. Violence towards refugees and migrants held in increasingly overcrowded detention centres in the country have forced a medical charity to suspend operations. God, we pray for people fleeing their homes to seek safety, that they might be treated with welcome and dignity.

We give thanks for people challenging modern slavery. In the UK, domestic servitude is one of the most prevalent forms of modern slavery, which campaigners are working to combat. God, we give thanks for campaigners pursuing dignity and freedom for all people, and for an end to modern slavery.

We give thanks for people and organisations pursuing climate justice. This week, a new factory in Sunderland which will increase the production of electric cars was announced. God, we give thanks for innovations which make the planet more sustainable, and pray for increased ambition in fighting the climate crisis among businesses and governments.

We pray for businesses affected by the wind-down of furlough. As the job support scheme begins to be phased out, some employees and businesses are worried about retaining their jobs going forwards. God, we pray for security and comfort for those worried about their livelihoods.

We pray for Colombia. There have been protests in the country since May around tax and health reforms, as well as a wider prevalence of poverty and inequality. God, we pray for those working to build justice, peace, and dialogue in Colombia

we pray for the Pacific North West. Heatwaves in the area in the past weeks have caused hundreds of deaths in Canada, Oregon and Washington. God, we pray for those who have been affected by the heatwaves, and for robust and ambitious solutions to the climate emergency which will increasingly trigger extreme weather.

Joan Smith

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