Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for Myanmar. The country is facing rising Covid death rates, limited oxygen, and thousands displaced amid continuing political instability. God, we pray for healing, safety, and just governance for the people of Myanmar.

We give thanks for those supporting and rehabilitating victims of torture. Today is International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, an opportunity to support those who have been or are victims of torture. God, we give thanks for those who work to rehabilitate victims and prevent torture, and pray for an end to torture everywhere.

We give thanks for groups seeking gender equality across the world. One example is an all-women gravel-making group in Kenya combatting gender stereotypes and earning incomes for their families. God, we give thanks for those who advocate for the equality and dignity of all human life.

We pray for the Brazilian Amazon. A gold rush has fuelled armed violence in the region, causing disruption and danger for the indigenous people and further worries about deforestation. God, we pray for those facing violence in their homes, and for action to protect the rainforest and those who live there.

We pray for farmers and rural communities. After a UK/Australia trade deal was struck last week, making it easier for Australian agricultural imports to flow into the UK, many UK farmers are concerned for their livelihoods. God, we pray for all those who are worried for their futures, that you might bless them with security in your love.

wWe pray for vulnerable EU citizens in the UK. Today is the last day for applications to the EU Settlement Scheme, with charities warning that many vulnerable citizens may be left behind by the process of applying for leave to remain. God, we pray that the UK might be welcoming and compassionate towards EU citizens.

Joan Smith

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