Daily Prayers for our world

We pray for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Around 500,000 people have been left without clean drinking water in the country after a volcano erupted last week. God, we pray for safe water for those affected, and swift support from the international community for affected areas.

We pray for the G7. Today, leaders from around the world are gathering for the G7 in Cornwall, to discuss issues ranging from pandemic responses to climate justice. God, we pray for wise and just decision-making from the leaders of the G7, and for decisions which will protect vulnerable people and communities globally.

We give thanks for medical innovation. New research this week has shown that dengue, a viral disease causing joint pain and high temperatures, has fallen dramatically in areas where a medical trial was taking place. God, we give thanks for the innovation and dedication of medics and scientists, and for the relief in suffering this breakthrough may cause

We pray for countries struggling to vaccinate their populations. Lesotho in Africa is just one example, with only 36,000 doses for a population of more than 2 million. God, we pray for compassion and collaboration in the global community, sharing vaccines among those who need them most.

We pray for people on NHS waiting lists. Last week, the waiting list topped 5 million people for the first time, with many waiting over a year for treatment. God, we pray comfort and healing for those waiting for treatment, and adequate NHS funding and support to shorten waiting times.

We pray for young people suffering from the economic effects of Covid-19. During the pandemic there has been a big jump in youth unemployment across the world, particularly in ‘middle-income countries’ like Argentina and South Africa. God, we pray for those who are job hunting or struggling financially, that they might receive the support they need.


Joan Smith

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