Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for Madagascar. The worst drought in 40 years on the island has left more than a million people facing a year of severe food shortages. God, we pray for provision for those who are struggling, and international support for nations facing extreme weather.

We pray for Kabul. Last week, explosions caused by a car bomb outside a school killed 55 people and wounded over 150, mostly girls. God, we pray comfort for those who are injured or mourning, and for the continued promotion of girls’ education globally.

We give thanks for increasing accessibility in vaccine technology. This week it was announced that the Pfizer jab can now be stored for up to one month in a fridge, perhaps making jabs more accessible globally. God, we give thanks for innovations in healthcare which can aid global roll-out, and pray that richer countries might be generous in vaccine sharing programmes.

We give thanks for people tackling food poverty. Food banks, pantries, and other community schemes have been taking practical action to stop people from going hungry in their communities, picking up pace in the pandemic. God, we give thanks for those taking action and feeding others, and pray that policy change might make this kind of intervention unnecessary

We pray for refugees in Lampedusa. The small island off Italy has struggled to accommodate a huge influx of refugees in recent weeks. God, we pray that countries might work collaboratively to show love and compassion towards refugees, and to make them welcome as they seek safety.

We pray for people facing racial injustice. Amid the findings from a study released last week highlighting racial injustice in the workplace, today we remember the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. God, we pray for those who face racial injustice daily, and that we might all commit to taking personal and corporate action for racial justice.

We pray for Myanmar. The country’s military has entered a town which took up arms against February’s military coup, causing much of the population to flee the town. God, we pray for safety and courage for those who have fled their homes, and just governance in Myanmar.

Joan Smith

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