Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for the UK’s international development funding commitments. Following an announcement confirming the cut in funding in 2021-2,   200 charities have described the cut as a ‘tragic blow’ to the world’s most marginalised people. God, we pray that our dealings with other countries would show your love for the marginalised and compassion for all.

We pray for the world’s oceans. More than 200 million tonnes of carbon are stored in the UK’s coastal waters, leading campaigners to state that rewilding the UK’s seas is ‘as urgent as restoring forests.’ God, we pray for our seas, and all the life which relies upon it, and pray for its renewal.

We pray for peace in Jerusalem, amidst violence in the city and surrounding areas. God, we pray that your everlasting peace might dwell and that your love would heal division.

We give thanks for conservation of marine life. Last week, a minke whale was rescued after getting stranded in the Thames. God, we give thanks for your creation and those who work to conserve it.

We give thanks for medical innovation. A pilot project launched this month in Uganda, in which drones will be used to take HIV medicines to 78 remote islands with high prevalence of the virus. God, we give thanks for the innovation of medical solutions, and pray for effective treatment for those suffering.

We pray for the UK as the country begins to reopen. Today, England came a further step out of lockdown, bringing relief for some after months of isolation, and worry for others who are anxious about reopening. God, we pray for safe reopening and comfort for those who have struggled or continue to struggle with mental health.

We pray for refugees. Analysis released recently shows around 2000 refugee deaths are linked to illegal EU pushbacks, with brutal tactics preventing nearly 40,000 asylum seekers crossing borders. God, we pray that your love for the oppressed and marginalised might be shown to all people fleeing their home to find safety.

We pray for people claiming benefits who are struggling. A report last week showed that a large number of people claiming benefits have died or come to serious harm since 2012, especially where people have mental health vulnerabilities. God, we pray for adequate support for benefits claimants, both financially and for health concerns.



Joan Smith

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