Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for countries relying on the Covax scheme for vaccines. The global vaccine-sharing initiative has so far delivered just one in five AstraZeneca doses it estimated would arrive in countries by May. God, we pray for a just vaccine programme which places the needs of the most vulnerable globally at its heart.

We give thanks for global education professionals working with children with special needs. One example is the Fatima Khalil school in Afghanistan which offers some children the first experience of education in their lives. God, we give thanks for those who work to enable children to fulfil their full potential in education.

We give thanks for scientists and medical professionals using their influence to bring about justice. This week leading scientists urged the UK to share the Covid vaccines it has bought with India and other nations in need of jabs. God, we give thanks for the innovation used to create vaccines, and pray for more just distribution globally.

We pray for those experiencing mental health issues. Results of a survey published last week show that those who suffered sudden and massive drops in income during the pandemic have recorded sharp increases in mental illness. God, we pray for your healing for those who are suffering, and for adequate support for those struggling financially.

We pray for those in insecure or dangerous housing. Last week an amendment to the Fire Safety Bill aiming to protect homeowners from fire safety costs related to flammable cladding was defeated, creating difficult financial situations for some homeowners. God, we pray that people might feel secure in their homes, and that costs would be justly distributed.

We pray for people in prison. New figures show that a record number of deaths occurred in prisons across England and Wales in recent months, some due to Covid-19 outbreaks. God, we pray that those in prison might know your comfort and your presence, and that they might be secure and safe from illness.

We pray for elections taking place in the UK. Every election presents an opportunity for citizens to participate critically and constructively in the democratic process. God, we pray that Christians might ThinkPrayVote and bring our faith into our democratic engagement

Joan Smith

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