Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for India. The country has been reporting over 150,000 new Covid cases per day, in a second wave one doctor has called a ‘Covid tsunami’. God, we pray for healing for those who are suffering, comfort for those who are mourning, and a just vaccine programme globally.

We give thanks for health workers. Last week, the Gambia became the second country in Africa to eliminate trachoma, one of the leading causes of blindness. God, we give thanks for healing, and for the ongoing dedication of health professionals eliminating illness.

We give thanks for ambitious climate targets. On Thursday, World Earth Day, the US announced its commitment to cut planet-heating emissions at least by half by the end of the decade. God, we give thanks for targets which protect your world, and pray that they might be followed by robust and decisive actions.

We pray for racial justice. Last week, just as the verdict of the trial of Derek Chauvin was being read, a Black teenager was shot dead by police in Ohio. God, we pray that your love might be shown to all people, and that racial justice will be continually sought globally.

We pray for Quetta in Pakistan. Last week a bomb explosion at a hotel killed five people and wounded twelve, with the Pakistani Taliban claiming it was behind the blast. God, we pray for an end to division, and for the promotion of peace in areas affected by violence.

We pray for a sustainable planet. Last week a major study found that 2020 was the warmest year on record in Europe, and that greenhouse gases are at their highest levels in 18 years. God, we pray for a sustainable renewal of our environment, and for ambitious actions to halt warming

We pray for families affected by infant mortality. For the last decade, Birmingham has faced some of the highest infant mortality rates in England, especially in deprived areas and among Black, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi heritage families. God, we pray for comfort for those mourning lost lives, and for success in minimising these figures in future.

Joan Smith

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