Prayers for our World

We pray for Mozambique. Escalating violence has meant 700,000 people have been displaced from a region of the country. God, we pray for a just peace in Mozambique, and an end to instability in the region.

We give thanks for schools reopening. that students will be in a more consistent learning environment. God, we give thanks for the dedication of staff in remote and in-person learning, and for the resilience of students in changing circumstances

We give thanks for second-hand and charity shops. Monday saw a record day for sales in charity shops, good news for charities who have endured a dive in funding since high streets have been closed. God, we give thanks for sustainable retail options which give back to society and communities.

We pray for Afghanistan. British, American and other NATO allied troops are set to begin complete withdrawal from Afghanistan next month after around 20 years in the country. God, we pray for a stable, just peace in Afghanistan which is sustainable and long-lasting.

we pray for diplomacy around nuclear weapons. Negotiations to bring the United States back into a landmark nuclear deal with Iran are restarting amid signs of progress. God, we pray for your just and true peace, and for a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.

We pray for people waiting for operations. Figures released last week show that around 4.7 million are waiting for routine operations in England in February, the highest number since 2007. God, we pray for comfort and healing for those who are waiting for medical care, and that the backlog might be cleared quickly.

We pray for environmental renewal. Today is World Earth Day, which aims to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. God, we pray for the renewal of your creation, and for those people already badly affected by climate change across the world.

Joan Smith

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