Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for refugees in camps across the globe. Last week, hundreds of people went missing and at least fifteen confirmed dead after a fire tore through a camp for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. God, we pray for your comfort for those who are grieving or injured, and for welcoming and adequate accommodation for those fleeing violence and persecution.

We give thanks for measures tackling coronavirus. Around half of people in the UK now have antibodies against coronavirus, in part due to vaccination efforts. God, we give thanks for healing, and we pray that the UK would now be instrumental in sharing this success with poorer countries

We give thanks for democratic processes. This May, a number of different elections will be taking place around the UK, including local elections, and are a key way of making change happen. God, we pray that all Christians might #ThinkPrayVote this May and be part of local democracy and change.

We pray for the climate. This year, in the run-up to COP26, young Methodists from the UK, Fiji, Zambia, Italy and Uruguay are coming together to speak up for the climate. God, we pray for your creation, and that Christian voices might be instrumental in calling for the protection of your world.

We pray for people who are weighed down by debt. An estimated six million people in the UK have fallen behind on one or more household bill as a result of Covid-19, with the biggest increases in debt amongst the poorest households. God, we pray for your blessing and freedom for those who are trapped in a cycle of debt in the pandemic.

We pray for asylum seekers and refugees. This year, amid the pandemic, safe passage out of conflict zones and towards safe places have become even harder to access. God, we pray that your compassion and love for all people might be shown towards asylum seekers by all countries where they might seek safety.

We pray for people facing racial discrimination and violence. Last summer, after the death of George Floyd in the USA, global protests erupted about systemic racial injustice. God, we pray that your justice might become a reality in the world, and for an end to racial discrimination everywhere.

Joan Smith

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