Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for young people facing unemployment. An inquiry from the Welsh Senedd found last week that action was urgently needed to stop a ‘monumental spike in youth unemployment’ in the aftermath of lockdown. We pray for those young people who have been disproportionately affected by the negative economic effects of lockdown.

We give thanks for teachers. As schools returned to in-person teaching this week, teachers and other school staff have been working hard to help learning catch-up in a safe environment. God, we give thanks for the dedication and courage of teachers and schools amid shifting regulations

We give thanks for families reunited. As some care homes start to allow guests to visit elderly relatives, families have been reunited for the first time in months. God, we give thanks for the love and compassion between families, and for the resilience of care home residents during an isolating time

We pray for coastal regions. New assessments show that rising sea levels and sinking land are causing problems for coastal areas much sooner than originally forecast. God, we pray for your earth, and that people and governments might show good stewardship towards our home.

We pray for asylum seekers in the UK. Last week a report showed that asylum seekers have been forced into unsafe, unclean and unfit accommodation. God, we pray that your justice and compassion might be shown towards vulnerable people seeking a new life.

We pray for people facing redundancy. As more chains announce further store closures as a result of the pandemic, more jobs are put at risk throughout the supply chain. God, we pray for your comfort for those who are facing job loss and for just and adequate support schemes.

we pray for people suffering from Aids. One in four people in the African country Eswatini have HIV, and the country has been called ‘the epicentre’ of the HIV/Aids epidemic. God, we pray that people suffering might be shown compassionate understanding, comfort, and adequate treatment.

Joan Smith

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