Daily Prayers for our World

We pray for people experiencing digital exclusion. A study has revealed that more than one in five people in the West Midlands do not use the internet, the highest rate in the UK, suggesting rising problems of isolation relating to digital exclusion. We pray for those feeling isolated and frustrated by technology during lockdowns.

We give thanks for measures  seeking to halt climate change.  We pray for measures against climate change which are robust and ambitious.

We give thanks for faith groups fighting injustice.  Church Action on Poverty Sunday with a theme of ‘New Wine Skins’. We give thanks for the work of Church Action on Poverty in addressing economic inequality, including through partnering in our #ResetTheDebt campaign.

We pray for people with learning disabilities. Research shows that people with learning disabilities have a much higher likelihood of dying with coronavirus than the general population, amid concerns that they are not being prioritised for vaccination. We pray for just decision-making about priority groups for vaccines, and comfort for those awaiting vaccination.

We pray for Spain. Last week violent clashes between protestors and police broke out over the arrest of a musician and concerns about freedom of expression. We pray for those caught up in violence and for a just resolution to the protests

We pray for countries unable to access vaccines. The UN secretary general has criticised the unfair distribution of Covid vaccines, identifying that 130 countries have yet to receive a single dose. We pray for an international effort to make vaccine distribution fair and equitable, and not solely based on a country’s wealth.

We pray for Ethiopia. Opposition politicians and supporters have been on hunger strike from prisons after repression and civil war has swept the country since a political handover in 2018. We pray for free and fair political debate and decisions and for those caught up in repression and violence.

Joan Smith

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