Daily Prayer for Our World

We give thanks for biodiversity. World Soil Day, which celebrates the biodiversity encouraged by healthy soil and encourages sustainable management and are thankful for the variety of life supported by God’s creation

We give thanks for vaccine development around the world especially the dedication of scientists in creating the vaccine, and pray for the success of the enormous program of immunization .

We pray for asylum seekers in the UK, for better support for them in the UK and elsewhere, and for quicker routes into long-term accommodation and support

We pray for just and equal communities and law enforcement though out the world.

we pray for the climate remembering the communities most vulnerable to climate change-related disasters and for strong, practical political and organisational commitments to limit global warming.

We pray for those 13 men being deported from the UK to Jamaica, despite legal challenges. We pray for those forced to leave the UK against their will and for just decision making around deportations.

We pray for global efforts on a vaccine and distribution. As more vaccines become viable for use, richer countries have been hoarding too many doses at the expensive of other countries globally. We pray for just vaccine distribution and a safe, effective vaccine program available to all of our global community.


Joan Smith