Daily Prayer for our World

We pray for the 7.7 million people in South Sudan facing acute malnutrition or starvation in the 5th year of severe food insecurity. God, we pray for more international aid to be sent to South Sudan, and for the hungry to be filled with good things.

We give thanks that wood burners in new and refurbished homes in London have been banned, in order to reduce air pollution in the capital. God, we thank you for this move, and pray that it will be an effective measure to improve health in London.

We give thanks that 222 political prisoners have been released in Nicaragua. God, we thank you that these people have been released from prison, and pray that this is a movement towards greater democratic freedoms in Nicaragua.

We pray for the news that old landfill sites are leaking hazardous chemicals in coastal areas across the UK. God, we pray that the pollution caused by these old landfill sites will not cause harm to health or biodiversity, and for greater awareness of landfill pollution

We pray for the racial division in the UK, with new research outlining the higher likelihood of black people being murdered than white people. God, we deeply lament these statistics and long for the healing of divisions that all might be seen as made in your image.

We pray for frontline aid workers and others who are working tirelessly in the continuing rescue efforts in Turkey and Syria. God, we pray for your protection for workers, and for greater financial provision in the aftermath of the earthquake.

We pray for Nigeria, where upcoming elections are described as pivotal in African democracy, and are occurring during difficult times. God, we pray for election officials and workers in Nigeria, and pray for a safe, respectful and democratic process.



Joan Smith

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