Daily Prayer for our World

We pray for those at risk of losing their home because of debt. Lenders and landlords have warned that as many as half a million renters are at risk of losing their home without financial help. We pray for measures to protect the most financially vulnerable in society as the budget is announced in the next few weeks.

We give thanks for the Fairtrade Foundation. It’s Fairtrade Fortnight, which this year is highlighting the growing challenges that climate change brings to farmers and workers in the communities Fairtrade works with. We give thanks for the Foundation looking to tackle exploitation and poverty and pray for those facing the effects of climate change.

We give thanks for charities tackling deforestation. Charities in Wales are lobbying the Welsh Government to curb the use of some goods in a bid to make Wales the ‘world’s first deforestation-free nation.’ We give thanks for the dedication of campaigners and for the protection of God’s beautiful creation.

We pray for those with symptoms of cancer. A new study shows that almost half of those with a potential symptom didn’t see a GP during the first wave of the pandemic, because they did not want to burden the NHS. We pray for those whose diagnosis has been delayed by the pandemic and for the NHS amid a potential surge in need.

We pray for survivors of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Reports show that since the pandemic, the number of women and girls being referred to the NHS with FGM has dropped. We pray that survivors of the practice will be able to access the necessary healthcare support.

We pray for the budget, being announced thsweek by the Chancellor. Campaigners have pressed for a greener budget and extensions to coronavirus support schemes like the Universal Credit uplift. We pray for an economy which works for everyone and a green, just and equitable economic recovery.

We pray for economic inequalities exacerbated and highlighted by the pandemic. New data shows that infection rates are higher in poorer areas, and that vaccine uptake is also lower in these areas, risking coronavirus becoming ‘a disease of the poor’. We pray for those suffering with Covid or from economic inequalities, and that vaccine take-up would be high in all areas.

Joan Smith

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