Daily Prayer for our world

We pray for migrants. Friday 18th was UN International Migrants Day, which celebrates social cohesion and the new communities enriched by the contribution of migrants. We pray comfort for those leaving their homes for a better life and thank you for the communities enhanced by diversity.

We give thanks and appreciation for teachers. Often caught between local and national government on the issue of school closures, teachers have had to be been more resilient and flexible than normal this year. We thank you for the tireless work of teachers in bringing education to every child, and pray that there might be more stability and clarity in the new year.

We give thanks for vaccine development. While the world has been watching the development of various Covid-19 vaccines, a team at Oxford have taken strides towards perfecting a vaccine for malaria. We pray for sufficient funding and attention for all vaccines in development, and that this vaccine might relieve the suffering caused by malaria globally.

We pray for asylum seekers in Home Office accommodation. A report shows that twenty-nine asylum seekers have died in Home Office accommodation so far this year – five times as many as lost their lives crossing the Channel. We pray for decent accommodation and swift settlement processes for asylum claims.

We pray for protests in and outside Delhi. Thousands of farmers are camped outside the city in protest of proposed new laws which would make it much harder for them to compete with larger corporations, they say. We pray for a resolution to the divisions between the government and the protesters brought about by just and compassionate political decisions.

We pray for schools in Nigeria. Last week, hundreds of schoolboys in the Nigerian state of Katsina were kidnapped in an attack since claimed by Boko Haram. We pray for safety for schoolchildren who have been affected, and that reuniting the three hundred still missing with their families will be swift.

We pray for those facing redundancy this Christmas. This year, record numbers of people were made redundant during lockdowns and waves of the coronavirus, as Government support changed . We pray for those struggling to make ends meet, and pray for financial and emotional support for those facing job loss.

Joan Smith