Zambia prays for Salisbury

You may not realise that every week prayer requests and prayer concerns are sent from Salisbury to Zambia, through our Global Link with St John’s United Church in Zambia.  As we hold St John’s in prayer, they are holding in prayer the three Salisbury churches in the partnership — ourselves, Salisbury Methodist Church and Bemerton Methodist Church.  If you have a prayer concern that you would like St John’s to be aware of, please forward it to Cecil King, or send it to our Ministers who will forward your request.

This is a prayer concern and request sent to St John’s recently:

‘Your partners here in Salisbury extend our condolences and share your sorrow at the death of His Excellency Kenneth David Kaunda. Our prayers are with you in your loss and through the 21 days of national mourning.
Please continue to pray for our congregations as members revive ministries that have had to stop during the pandemic; pray that, through God’s Spirit, skills will be renewed and energy rekindled.’

Salisbury United Reformed Church

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