Faith With Under Fives

During lockdown the URC and other providers have offered a variety of training opportunities.  Several members of Salisbury URC have attended these sessions.  Two of the recent courses have made videos of the key speakers available for everyone to watch.

The URC Safeguarding Symposium addressed the formulation of a five year strategic plan for  safeguarding.  Much emphasis was placed on the fact that safeguarding of our children, young people and vulnerable adults is a concern for everyone in Churches, not just those tasked with leading it.  Videos and information from the launch of this plan can be found here.

Three training sessions on Faith for Under Fives also took place recently.  They were a collaboration between the URC and Roots, the resource which we use both in Church worship and Junior Church.Junior Church teaching


Videos of the event, including keynote speaker Becky May, along with resources and ideas can be found here.


Fiona C