Recycle with Alex!

Alex shared about his faith in worship. He spoke about recycling schemes which raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance and Medics to Malawi. Read on to find out how you can help to make a difference.  Scroll down to read the full text of Alex’s Statement of Faith (which he has been asked to share at the next Wessex Synod Meeting).

Medic to Medic

This is the ‘Salisbury recycles for Medic to Medic’ Facebook page. This group recycles waste that the council won’t collect and raises money for healthcare workers in Malawi via the charity Medic to Medic.

You will find photos of the recycling schemes which they accept on their page.  ‘Medic to Medic’ are collecting blister packs from used tablets and pills in addition to the thin plastics which cannot be recycled in our “blue bins. Our local collector is on Attwood Road in Salisbury.

Alex’s Statement of Faith

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m part of Junior Church.
I want to tell you what I think about God and nature.

God made us and God loves everything.
I think God made us to live healthily and look after ourselves and each other and nature.
But we can also destroy nature when we cut down trees and take away animal habitats.

I’ve been thinking about how we can look after God’s world.

We can feed and make habitats for the animals and birds.

  • In my family we started putting out food for the birds in our garden this year and we’ve seen blue tits, nuthatches, great tits, wood pigeons, chaffinches, starlings, greenfinches, black caps, coal tits, long-tailed tits, robins, blackbirds and goldfinches.
    We even had a sparrow hawk once!
  • We can also look after the littlest animals.
  • We made a bug hotel for the insects in our garden.

We can use things carefully.

  • We have a compost bin for food and garden waste and did you know that you can recycle crisp packets to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance?
  • And you can recycle cheese packets and empty medicine blister packs to raise money for doctors in Malawi?

It makes me happy when I look after birds and animals and nature, and I think it makes God happy too.

Salisbury United Reformed Church

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