Prayer for Zambia — by Nigel Appleton, World Church Group

Prayers for Zambia by Nigel Appleton, Wessex Synod World Church Group

Prepared for use in worship by congregations throughout the Synod

Gracious God,

We give thanks for the resilience and faith of our sisters and brothers in the United Church of Zambia, and particularly for those to whom we are bound in fellowship through our link with the Lusaka Presbytery.

We pray for UCZ members as they maintain the witness and service of the church in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the economic and social consequences of the measures taken to restrict its spread.

We rejoice in the opportunity we have had as congregations, and corporately through the Wessex Trust, to offer tangible signs of our love and fellowship through the sharing of financial gifts; we are humbled by the messages of appreciation we have received from the Lusaka Presbytery.

We ask your blessing on their efforts to witness through the Presbytery’s United Voice Community Radio Station and to maintain fellowship and worship through social media.

We pray that you will guide Bishop Chomba and all those who lead the work of the Presbytery as the restrictions on Church life begin to be eased.

We pray for all the people of Zambia, that the ravages of the Covod-19 Pandemic may be contained, that all may have access to the health care they need, that the hungry may be fed and the naked clothed, that all may have access to education and to work and the whole nation may move forward in a world shaped by peace grounded in justice.

We give thanks that, in the midst of their trials, our sisters and brothers have continued to pray for us. We, too, commit ourselves to persevere in prayer.

May we learn from one another and grow in our commitment to serve you as sisters and brothers in Christ.



Salisbury United Reformed Church