Palestinian FairTrade Products available now

Another way to purchase FairTrade products (with Anne’s blessings), these all from Palestine, is through our local Salisbury connection, SCIP, Sarum Concern for Israel/Palestine.  These Zaytoun -Palestine products are available from Barbara Hickman.

Barbara writes: ‘I am continuing to support the Palestinian economy in a limited way by holding stocks of Zaytoun (Palestinian) olive oil, dates, almonds, za’atar herbs, maftoul (cous cous), soaps.  Indeed I am pleased at the way sales have continued during lockdown. All anyone needs to do is to phone to arrange an order and delivery.’

To order, call:  01722 349740

Here’s the price list:

750 ml OLIVE OIL £16.50
500 ml OLIVE OIL £11.50
500 gm MEDJOUL DATES £ 6.70
250 gm MEDJOUL DATES £ 3.60
250 gm MAFTOUL (COUS COUS) £ 3.20
150 gm ALMONDS £ 4.00
OLIVE SOAP (BOX OF 4) £ 9.20

Looking for some reading on justice and the Palestinian-Israeli situation?

Arising from Revd Philip Brook’s sermon, Barbara suggests this book:  God’s people and the seduction of Empire by Graham Turner.

To learn more about Sarum Concern for Israel/Palestine group in Salisbury, visit the SCIP website here.

The aims of SCIP are:

  1. Raise awareness of the impact of the Occupation by Israel on Palestinians and its effect on perpetuating the conflict;
  2. support and encourage non-violent action as a means to end the Occupation;
  3. draw attention to the discrimination against Palestinians living in Israel (20% of its population) who are also Israeli citizens;
  4. work with others, including Israelis and Palestinians, towards ending the Occupation and blockade of Gaza;
  5. urge UK recognition of the Palestinian state alongside that of Israel; and
  6. communicate our concerns to our local MPs, the UK government and more broadly.


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