Global Vaccine Donations through Commitment for Life

Thankful for your Covid-19 vaccination?

Why not give out of your gratitude to help someone else?

Commitment for Life and Christian Aid have created a brilliant donation page to make it easy for you to make a difference for good in someone else’s life. Or you can always send a cheque to our Church Treasurer with a note to say it’s for ‘COVID-appeal’.

“The URC is deeply concerned about the unfair rollout of COVID vaccines around the world. Once again, the poorest and most vulnerable people are being pushed to the back of the queue, with only 2 percent of the world’s population vaccinated so far – the vast majority of them in the richest countries. We must and can do better.”     — Francis Brienen; United Reformed Church Deputy General Secretary – Mission

Here at the United Reformed Church, as more of our family, friends, and neighbours receive their vaccine, we are both joyful and relieved. But we are aware that many communities around the world are suffering and don’t have access to vaccines. And many of them lack the basics they need to protect themselves like clean water for handwashing.

As you or a family member is protected, please give to help protect those who don’t have access to vaccines.

This appeal was initiated by the United Reformed Church in support of Christian Aid’s work. All donations will support Christian Aid’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in affected communities around the world, including our Commitment for Life partner regions.

United Reformed Church Supporting a Just Vaccine Rollout


Salisbury United Reformed Church

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