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Breakfast Blend Tea Bags (80 teabags) £2.50

Organic Cous Cous 250g (large grain) £2.35

Earl Grey Tea Bags (50 teabags) £2.30

Long Grain Rice 500g (white) £2.25

Loose Leaf Tea – Breakfast Blend £1.70

Fusilli Pasta 500g (wheat & quinoa) £2.43

Drinking Chocolate £3.30

Sardines in spring water £1.75

Ground Kilimanjaro Coffee £4.20

Brazil Nuts £3.55

Exotic Fruit Muesli 750g £3.75

Walnuts £3.55

Orange Marmalade £2.65

Sultanas £3.10

Double chocolate chip cookies £1.80

Dates £3.15

Chewy Fruit & Oat Cookies £1.80

Kitchen Towels £1.80

Chocolate Mint Thins (box) £4.00

Toilet Rolls (pack of 4) £2.50

Organic Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa) £2.35

Bars of chocolate (varieties: orange milk/ toffee & sea salt milk, pink Himalayan salt dark/ mint dark)

What will we do as individuals or as a group to be better neighbours to those who grow and produce our food?

Give Anne a call…and make a difference through your shopping.

There were times when my children didn’t have enough to eat. Thanks to Coobana and Fairtrade, there’s a better future for my grandchildren.

Florentina Beitia, Coobana Fairtrade banana cooperative, Panama

Salisbury United Reformed Church is a Fairtrade Church.

To learn more about Fairtrade UK and the people whose lives we touch with our shopping decisions, click here.