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Prayer concerns from the Council for World Mission (CWM)

CWM highlights the Corvid 19 epidemic that affects all its member churches. Often this is against a background of inequality, lack of health care, social deprivation and overwhelming loss.

Please hold our partner churches and agencies in prayer.

There is particular concern about:

  • the measles epidemic in Samoa
  • the struggle for freedom in West Papua.
  •  the people of Yemen, who face starvation, war and lack of facilities during the Corvid 19 pandemic.

Member churches are using their resources of modern technology to discern how best to present the gospel in the present situation.

  • In the Philippines, the Human Rights crisis has been escalating. An International Ecumenical Convocation on Human Rights will be held on 17th September, on-line, in an attempt to act on this issue.
  • The English forum of PCS (Presbyterian Church of Singapore) gathered together 75 church leaders virtually in August. They met to discuss ‘rethinking the church’ – making the transition between online and on-site church services.
  • The UCYAAM (the United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman islands) brought together 100 young people for an e-conference, the theme of which was ‘Mobilised to Act at such a time as this’ Over 4 days they studied the book of Esther, with reference to using their own talents. Presenters from various backgrounds, worked to equip the participants for church ministry and in the workplace.

The United Reformed Church is connected globally through the Council for World Mission (CWM). 

The Wessex Synod stays informed of CWM activities and concerns through our CWM rep on the World Church Group (which Ana Gobledale convenes).

This is the latest report from our CWM Rep, Ruth Archer.

Salisbury United Reformed Church