Bible Study online resource

We’re always looking for Bible Study resources that offer thoughtful and scholarly assistance.

The Blue Letter Bible is our latest discovery.

It is very easy to use (an important criteria for Ana) — and has a ‘quick nav’ option to get to the book and verse quickly.

Have a look.  It offers:

  • several Bible Translations (unfortunately not the NRSV, but it does have RSV)
  • Strong’s Concordance linked to the King James Bible translation.  This provides scholarly research into the Hebrew and Greek etymology of the words.
  • You can listen to the passage read aloud — (the accents tend to be American)
  • Read by verse or in paragraph style
  • Several options for copying and printing, e.g. with or without verse numbers and more  (not every translation is available for download and printing)
  • Red-letter option, for words attributed to Jesus

You might consider having this open on your iPad or computer when you come to Corona Christ Care Group on Tuesday.

Salisbury United Reformed Church