Baptism planning

Thinking about baptism?  for yourself or for your child?

We at Salisbury URC, on behalf of Christ, welcome all into the Christian faith through the ritual of baptism.  Baptism offers   a youth or adult the opportunity to affirm their faith as they present themselves to God and the family of faith. It also offers parents the opportunity to present their child to God and the family of faith.

The ritual of baptism, using water, occurs during a regular Sunday morning worship service.  The youth, adult or parents preparing for the baptism meet with the Minister beforehand to discuss the meaning and purpose of baptism.  The person being baptised is usually accompanied by one or two Godparents (for children ) or Sponsors (for youth and adults) who promise to support the person in their Christian faith journey.

Our congregation also makes a promise to support the person being baptised, and parents if it is a young child, and to share the journey of faith together.

Please contact our Minister or Church Secretary to discuss arranging a baptism.

Salisbury United Reformed Church

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