Alex & Alice, Lundie Award Winners!

UPDATE…. Alex and Alice are being presented with the Lundie Award during worship on Sunday, 12th September. The award will be presented by Wessex Synod Children’s & Youth Development Officer, Ruth White.



Alice and Alex, two members of our Junior Church were thrilled to hear recently that they have won the URC Lundie Memorial Award.

Several months ago, Alex, aged eight, made a statement of faith during morning worship, telling everyone about his passion for caring for our world. He gave us lots of ideas for recycling things that we didn’t know about and also told us about some of the wildlife he has attracted to his garden.  Alice, also aged eight, wrote a poem on the same theme called God’s Garden. They were then both invited to speak at a Wessex Synod meeting – a daunting task, but carried out with great confidence.  Following on from this, they made videos of themselves reading their statement and poem and this was used as part of the URC Youth Service for World Environment Day.

As a result of their interest in conservation, they are now encouraging our Church to investigate how to become an Eco-Church. They have been finding out what we have to do and we are hoping to put some of their ideas into practice when we return fully to our Church building.

Alex and Alice are looking forward to being presented with their Lundie certificates and medals and are thinking of how to spend the £100 prize money to benefit our Church’s work with young people.

The whole Church is very proud of them!

You can see the videos of them here:

Alex’s Statement  Alex’s Call to Worship Environment Sunday Worship – YouTube

Alice’s Poem: Alice’s poem Gods Garden – YouTube

There is more information about the Lundie Award here: News from the Lundie Memorial Award (


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