Behind the scene on Zoom

We share this as a light-sided view of what our volunteer Hosts and Co-hosts on Zoom experience each week.

Please remember to thank them — Ron, Godlove, Elaine, Joan, Tahira and Anne E.

And thanks to those who have created items to be shared – Peter & Anne, Valerie, Nicky-Izabela-Adam-Sylwek, and all our photographers.

Reflections on Zoom

Some months ago, in days of yore, (athough they were a pointless bore)
Down motorways I used to race, to go to meetings face-to-face.
My boss presented slide on slide, while I tried hard my yawns to hide.
But now we have a techno world, and wonders new have been unfurled.

You email me a meeting link, I click on it and in a blink
I’ll be in Zoom. Oh! Maybe not. You say I’m clicking the wrong spot?
At last I’m with you in your Room. You’re looking at my living room.
(That virtual background grassy scene – it didn’t work. My screen went green!)

Thumbs up, ok, give some Applause. (They’re in ‘Reaction’ but the laws
For Raising hands are not found there – I have to do that trick elsewhere.)
I Screen Share fine but what you get is not the power point I set
So carefully an hour ago. Just where it’s gone I do not know……

I find the music file I need. It plays first time. Wow, I succeed!!
But oh! What sorrow! You can’t hear. My unmute did not work, I fear.
These Breakout Rooms are rather fun, but should I be in Number One?
No, I don’t know how I got here. Well, you’re the host, you’ve made that clear.

So make me Host and let me play. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot that way.
Let’s click on this and see…. Oh no! ………………
Just where did everybody go????

But whilst it can be quite a chore to learn to Zoom, there’s so much more
We gain now from technology – new ways to work, to live and be.
New ways to get and stay connected, while keeping everyone protected.
So let our praising be outpoured and let our prayers ‘zoom’ to the LORD.

The author, Siobhan Canham, is the Roman Catholic representative with Ana Gobledale (URC Rep) on the UK National Executive of World Day of Prayer.  Siobhan and Ana have led some Zoom events together and you can imagine the fun they’ve had.

Salisbury United Reformed Church