Sunday Service & link, 4 October

World Communion Sunday

9:40 fellowship; 10:30 worship service begins

Andover, Broad Chalke & Salisbury United Reformed Churches – on Zoom

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Why World Communion Sunday?

 In 1936, during a time of fear and growing tension, the first Sunday in October, for the first time, was celebrated as World Wide Communion Sunday in Presbyterian churches in several countries. From the beginning, other denominations were invited to participate, and over the decades the idea has spread.

At home preparation:  For World Communion Sunday, you are invited to bring a different type of bread, representing a country or region of the world.

Order of Service



Church Notices    

  • Friends & Fellowship:  Starting Tuesday afternoon, there will be a fellowship gathering on Zoom each week at 2:30. Bring a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy company and conversation. Everyone is invited and welcome.  The zoom link will be sent out by email.

 Zoom link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 852 5929 3409

  • Zambia Presentation by Ana:  This Saturday at the Synod Day on Zoom, Ana will be making a presentation about her time in Zambia a year ago and leading worship using numerous Zambian resources. This section of the day’s programme is from 10:15 to 12 noon.  The zoom link is in your chatbox for you to copy and keep for Saturday.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 828 5144 2839;  Passcode: 463900

  • Important email in your junk box!  Remember to check you junk and spam boxes in your email for the two weekly emails from the ministers. On Friday, there are notices for the week which are also posted on the Salisbury Church website.  These include the Sunday Order of Service, Commitment for Life stories, prayers requests from Zambia, URC and community events, and other information for church members.  Then on Mondays, the weekly devotion that Ana puts together goes out to everyone’s email. It, too, may be going to your junk email box, so do take a look.
  • Corona Christ Care Group is taking a break for October and will reconvene on 3 November.

Call to Worship

Gathering Words

Opening Hymn    Creating God – Jan Berry © Kevin Mayhew Ltd; music – Peter Cutts © Stainer & Bell Ltd CCL 7008214
Creating God, we bring our song of praise
For life and work that celebrate your ways:
The skill of hands, our living with the earth,
The joy that comes from knowing our own worth.
Forgiving God, we bring our cries of pain
For all that shames us in our search for gain:
The hidden wounds, the angry scars of strife,
The emptiness that saps and weakens life.
Redeeming God, we bring our trust in you,
Our fragile hope that all may be made new:
Our dreams of truth, of wealth that all may share,
Of work and service rooted deep in prayer.
Renewing God, we offer what shall be
A world that lives and works in harmony:
When peace and justice, once so long denied,
Restore to all their dignity and pride.

Pastoral Prayer     Psalm 46:1-11 – Zambian revision

The Lord’s Prayer  

Scripture   Luke 4:16-21

Children’s Message    The Global Welcome Table

If children have a quiet activity they’d like to do during the rest of the service, they are welcome to do that, if it’s okay with the family.

Testimony l: Breaking the Silence, Nomvula’s story from South Africa, John 9:3

Prayer of Confession (from South Africa)  

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Lean on me, by Lucy Berry, URC poet and songwriter   (Creative Commons Attribution license)

It seems as though our world is at a halt:
sickness in the air, but no-one’s fault.
Lord, how did this happen overnight?
We are in the dark and there’s so little light….

And God said: “Lean on me, lean on me.
I AM here right now, so you can lean on me!
I have been here all along, I will be the One who’s strong,
this is when you lean on me”.

Dear God, we’re in a Wilderness for sure,
in a place we’ve never seen before:
lost, and poor in heart and weak of soul!
How is it that we could lose so much control?

And God said: “Lean on me, lean on me.
I AM here right now, so you can lean on me!
I have been here all along, I will be the One who’s strong,
this is when you lean on me”.

In fear of flood, or flames, or Lion’s Den
That’s when we remember God again.
That’s when we begin to hear God say
“I am with you always. And that means today!

So children: Lean on me, lean on me.
I AM here right now, so you can lean on me!
I have been here all along, I will be the One who’s strong,
this is when you lean on me”.

God, what a lonely time this is to bear!
Staying in, and thinking no-one’s there.
Lord, You’re always here through all alarms.
How did we forget to climb into Your arms?

And God said: “Lean on me, lean on me.
I AM here right now, so you can lean on me!
I have been here all along, I will be the One who’s strong,
this is when you lean on me”.

Yes! God said: “Lean on me, lean on me.
I AM here right now, so you can lean on me!
I have been here all along, I will be the One who’s strong,
this is when you lean on me”.

Testimony 2  – The Least of These, a story from East Timor — Matthew 25:40

Prayer of Commitment (from East Timor) 

Testimony 3    Never Alone, Thomas’s story from France – Matthew 25:36

Prayer (from France—adapted)

Testimony 4 – Nima’s story from Nepal, Even I Am Welcome Here — Matthew 26:26


Communion Hymn      RS 518   Father, I place into your hands – Jenny Hewer ©1975 Thankyou Music CCL180297

Father, I place into your hands
the things that I can’t do.
Father, I place into your hands
the times that I’ve been through.
Father, I place into your hands
the way that I should go,
for I know I always can trust you.
Father, I place into your hands
my friends and family.
Father, I place into your hands
the things that trouble me.
Father, I place into your hands
the person I would be,
for I know I always can trust you.
Father, we love to see your face,
we love to hear your voice.
Father, we love to sing your praise,
and in your name rejoice.
Father, we love to walk with you
and in your presence rest,
for we know we always can trust you.

Breads from around the world  

Anyone bring a special bread for communion?  Unmute yourself and let us know what type of bread you’ve brought.

Call to Communion

Our Call to Communion has been prepared by the Hanc family – Adam, Izabela and Nicky, using words by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson in Colorado, and creativity here in Wiltshire!

Sharing the Communion meal 

Prayer of Thanksgiving    

We thank you, Oh God, for refreshing us at your holy table.  We thank you for our brothers and sisters in this community and around the world.  May we always be reminded to see the world through Christ’s eyes, and to work for a time when all may share together at your table.  Amen.

Closing Hymn RS 620

For the healing of the nations – Fred Kaan  © 1968 Stainer & Bell Ltd, CCL 3200067


For the healing of the nations,
Lord, we pray with one accord;
For a just and equal sharing
Of the things that earth affords.
To a life of love in action
Help us rise and pledge our word.
Lead us, Father, into freedom;
From despair your world release,
That, redeemed from war and hatred,
All may come and go in peace.
Show us how through care and goodness
Fear will die and hope increase.
All that kills abundant living,
Let it from the earth be banned:
Pride of status, race or schooling,
Dogmas that obscure your plan.
In our common quest for justice
May we hallow life’s brief span.
You, Creator-God, have written
Your great name on humankind;
For our growing in your likeness
Bring the life of Christ to mind;
That by our response and service
Earth it’s destiny may find.

Sending Forth & The Grace   

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever.  Amen.


Breakout GroupsFellowship time – we will set up groups of 4.  If people leave, the groups will be smaller.  Please stay and enjoy friendship and conversation, even if only for a few minutes. We’re hoping Tod will feel well enough to join a group.

Go in peace to serve God!

Salisbury United Reformed Church