Sunday Order of Service & Zoom link – 21 March

 21 March 2021  
Fifth Sunday of Lent
9:40 Fellowship & 10:30 Worship
Andover & Salisbury United Reformed Churches – united in worship on Zoom

Choices at the Crossroads

No matter the distance between us, the uncertainty of the times or how isolated we might feel, we are never alone.  God calls us into being and takes pleasure in who we are!

Zoom link:
Zoom Meeting ID: 891 9031 6526
Or call in from your telephone:
02034815237  or 0131 460 1196  (meeting ID = 89190316526# )

At home preparation:

  • If you’ve been enjoying using your finger labyrinth, bring it along again.


  • There will be a time of fellowship after today’s service. Everyone is welcome to stay.
  • Salisbury URC Annual Church Meeting will begin at 12:00 today (on this zoom link).
  • The final Lent Fellowship & Bible Study Group will meet on Zoom Tuesday afternoon (reading Mark 15:1-39) And the final Lent Midweek Communion service will be held on Wednesday. Everyone is invited. Use the same Zoom link for both events as you did for this morning’s service:

Thanks to the IT Team: Godlove, Joan, Izabella, Ron, Elaine, Anne, Tahira, Adam

Order of Service

You are invited to greet one another and be in conversation as we gather for worship

Welcome      Duty Elder – Graham Turner

Prelude    — accompanied by images of paths and signposts, to represent the choices and crossroads God has put on the path of life.

Church Notices    Duty Elder – Graham Turner

Gathering words    Psalm 119:12-16 adapted      Joy 

Opening Hymn   When morning gilds the sky  (RS 292)

Reminder to iPad users: switch to ‘Screen share’ in order to see the lyrics on your screen.

Gathering Prayer & the Lord’s Prayer  

Scripture    Jeremiah 31:31-34         Mervyn S

Children’s Message    Hunting for the Holy Spirit – Where’ God in the bag?

We welcome Paul Heintzleman and Brian Schuetz from Loveland United Church of Christ, Colorado USA.

Collection & Dedication of Offering       Duty Elder, Graham

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On-line Banking:  for a single donation or to create a Standing Order for regular payments

Bank details for Salisbury URC:   Acct Name: Salisbury United Reformed Church;

Sort Code : 40-52-40; Acct No: 00016092

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Bank details for Andover URC:   Acct Name: Andover United Reformed Church

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Prayers for our world     Harvey Baird

Sermon Hymn     We would see Jesus by George Stuart (Year B Lent 5 no. 106)  

Scripture     John 12:20-32               Alison & Marian

Sermon    Choices at the Crossroads

Closing Hymn  O Jesus I have promised, J.E.Bode PD; music ‘Wolvercote’, W.H.Ferguson © Oxford University Press  CCL2166831 (RS 509)

Sending forth& the Grace 

You are invited to unmute yourself and switch to Gallery View, if you can, so that you can see everyone and hear everyone as we bless one another. Our voices will be out of sync, but consider it a divine harmony.  As we bless one another with the Grace, you are invited to lift your hands so they are on your screen, reaching just beyond the edges of your screen, as if you are touching the hands of the people in the screens on either side, creating a Chain-of-Life, connecting us all.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever.  Amen.


Breakout Groups – Fellowship time

You will be ‘transported’ to a fellowship group.  Please unmute yourself and enjoy the ride!   Please welcome our visitors.

Salisbury United Reformed Church

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