Sunday 9 May – Order of service & Zoom link

9:40 fellowship  — 10:30 worship – 11:30 Fellowship

12:00 Salisbury URC Church Meeting

God is Love: that’s the truth!


Andover & Salisbury United Reformed Churches – united in worship on Zoom

Zoom link:

Thanks to our Zoom Hosts & Co-hosts: Joan, Izabella, Peter E, Elaine, Anne E, Adam, Fiona, Hugh, Diane

  • Small fellowship groups will be available after the service. Everyone is welcome to stay.
  • Today at 12:00 Salisbury URC has a special Church Meeting on Zoom to decide on the AV set up for the church building.
  • The Salisbury Elders and our Ministers are working towards holding a hybrid service on Sunday 6 June, which means a few people may attend in person at Salisbury URC and the service will be on Zoom, as usual.  The goal is to include as many people in worship as possible.  You’ll be hearing more about this in the weeks ahead.

Order of Service

Welcome–Duty Elder – Hugh

Reminder to iPad users: switch to ‘Screen share’ to view shared photos on your screen.


Church Notices  

Gathering words    from Psalm 98 Redux, by Carla Grosch-Miller

Opening Hymn   This is the day the Lord has made  (RS 376)

Gathering Prayer & the Lord’s Prayer   Psalm 98 Collect, by Merryl Blair, Australia

Scripture   John 15:9-17      read by Robert Card   

Children’s Message    

Collection & Dedication of Offering     

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Prayers for our world        Diane C

Scripture   1 John 5:1-6    Read by Leslie S

Hymn    ‘The Jesus Challenge is to love,’ George Stuart     Love others – george007site (

Sermon    God is love: and that’s the truth!

Closing Hymn  God has spoken  (SP 185)   S

Sending forth & the Grace 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God  and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever.  Amen.

Postlude    Photos from the Isle of Skye

Fellowship Groups

Salisbury Church Meeting    —  starts at 12:00

Salisbury United Reformed Church

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