Sunday 6 June – Order of Service & Link

Pentecost 2

Hybrid – Communion Service

9:40 Fellowship on Zoom    10:20 In-person entry at Salisbury URC

10:30 Worship commences

Andover & Salisbury United Reformed Churches – united in worship on Zoom

Zoom link:

Preparation:  Today we celebrate communion. Please prepare juice or water to drink and bread or a cracker. If you are worshipping in the church, please bring your bread and juice with you.


  • Next Sunday 13 June Salisbury URC has a Church Meeting on Zoom at 12:15.
  • The Fellowship & Bible Study Group meets on Tuesday at 14:30 using the same Zoom link as you used today. Everyone is invited.

For In-Person worshippers:  The doors of the church will open at 10:20. Health & Safety reminders: please remain in your seats and keep your mask on throughout the service, except for when you are taking the communion elements, if you have brought them with you. If you need to leave the service for some reason, please leave by the side door, and exit at the bottom of the stairs, and you will not be able to return into the building. We are not permitted to all sing in Church at present, so enjoy listening to the music. Also, we will not take a physical offering, so please continue giving from home or on your phone.

Order of Service


Prelude   Malaguena, Tahira Noble plays the guitar

Church Notices    Duty Elder – Tamsin Vallance

Gathering words    Psalm 130.5-7  

Opening Hymn   Lord of all – Sing Praise 113 

Gathering Prayer & the Lord’s Prayer  Psalm 130.5-8a

Scripture); Mark 3:20-35  Jesus & Beelzebul, prince of demons  Read by Robert Card

Children’s Message    Honouring a Mother & Sister in Christ

Collection & Dedication of Offering      

 Options for payment:

  • Stewardship Contribution Page: Click here to make a direct donation using your debit or credit card.
  • PayPal:  Make a direct donation here using your debit or credit card.
  • On-line Banking:  use for a single donation or create a Standing Order for regular payments
    • Bank details for Salisbury URC:   Acct Name: Salisbury United Reformed Church;  Sort Code : 40-52-40; Acct No: 00016092. When you make a payment or deposit, please specify your name or Offering Envelope Number for the Treasurer’s future reference. Thank you.
    • Bank details forAndover URC:  Sort Code 40-08-28; Acct No. 51652362; Acct Name: Andover United Reformed Church

Prayers for our world        Mervyn Scamell

Scripture  Genesis 3:8-15 (in the garden)

Hymn  The Ministry of Jesus, by George Stuart

Sermon    Doing the will of God; being family         Revd Gobledale

Communion Hymn   When we meet around your table

Celebration of Communion    During the pray of blessing for the elements, everyone, at home and at church, is invited to hold your bread or cracker and your holy vessel, your cup.

Closing Hymn      We turn to Christ anew (SP 125)

Sending forth & the Grace     The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever.  Amen.


Zoom Fellowship Groups

Leaving the in-person service:  Peter will play the organ as we leave.  Please leave one row at a time starting from the front. Please wait for the people sitting in front of you to leave first.  Please do not come forward to greet those leading the service.  Use the side exit and stairs and leave through the side door downstairs. If anyone requires the lift, please turn right through the flower room at the top of the stairs and one of the stewards will assist you. Please do not go into any other areas of the building or gather to chat either inside or just outside the building.

Go in peace to do the will of God!

Salisbury United Reformed Church

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