Our fast from human contact — a prayer from Germany

Inspired by Luke 4:14-21 

God of Mercy, Ground of Being,
when your child Jesus was afraid, knowing the horror that lay in store for him;
when he was humiliated and tortured;
when his friends deserted him;
when he writhed in anguish on a cross designed for a criminal;
when, no longer able to hold himself up, he suffocated and died –
I believe you were with him – you suffered his fear, his loneliness, his agonizing hours.

I believe you are suffering with your children on this frail planet earth today.
Jesus died at the hands of Rome for proclaiming the kingdom (kin-dom) of heaven on earth.
Ignoring the kingdom (kin-dom) of heaven, we have built tiny kingdoms (kin-doms) of our own with little
regard for your creation.

In this time of isolation, illness, and fear for the future, help us to remember our brother Jesus and his time of trial and 40 days of fasting and isolation in the wilderness.  Help us remember how he had to confront moral choices not unlike our own – the desire for comfort, power and recognition plague us.

When slowly we come out of our isolation, our fast of human contact, help us to not forget we are just one of your unnumbered creations. Let us not forget this wilderness time. Help us to be more worthy citizens of our mother earth.


Photo by Angela Thacray:  Clematis in Olivier Court garden

Salisbury United Reformed Church