Our Church continues to be alive!

Greetings all,

Our church building stands still and empty.  All events have been cancelled, even the cleaners. (a huge thanks to Chris and Gio making all the arrangements for closure.)

But our church is so much more than a building!

Salisbury United Reformed Church is alive and being the active Body of Christ!

  • Our Pastoral Carers are busy calling members of our church family, with a commitment to call each week.
  • Our Elders are meeting each Wednesday morning — enjoying seeing one another on our computer screens, using new technology called Zoom.
  • Diane is busy finishing up the next addition of the Church Magazine which you’ll receive by email
  • Folks have offered to deliver food and essential goods to those who need help.
  • Anne E is organising Fair Trade food options
  • We’re connecting through a Daily Home Devotion — Thanks for the photos and items to include.

Thanks to everyone who makes this church a real church, a living witness on this uncharted journey!

Ana & Tod


Salisbury United Reformed Church